Watercolor Dreams Workshop

I’m not sure if you read my Thoughtful Thursday post but it was about excuses and fear. I created this sketch and got stuck. I really wanted to paint her and bring her to life but I was convinced I was going to ruin the sketch that took me hours to complete.

Long story short, I finally silenced the negative nellies in my mind and painted her. It’s funny because after she was all done I was relieved and thrilled with how soft and dreamy she looks (see image below). There are a few things I’d change for the next one but overall I love her. What do you think?

This was part of an online workshop called Watercolor Dreams with the very talented Katrina Koltes who lives in Italy. I have to say, Katrina is an excellent teacher and amazing artist. I highly recommend you check out her site and everything she offers.

Hope this inspires you to create this weekend!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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β€œI put my heart and soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process.” ~Vincent Van Gogh

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