Valentine Ribbon Card


This was a fun Valentine’s Day card that’s fun and super easy to make. You can make it fit any size card. All you need is a cut out of a heart from heavy cardstock that fits on the front of your card and some ribbon.

What you do is glue the ribbon to the heart cut out, letting the ends of the ribbon extend past the heart. Make sure to use enough glue because you want the ribbon to be firmly attached. Once the glue has dried, turn the heart over and trim the excess ribbon with a good pair of scissors. Then glue the beautiful heart to the front of your card. Add embellishments and stamped images or hand write your own. And that’s it!ย 

Another idea is use strips of fabric and follow the same steps as for the ribbon. There are lots of possibilities, just use your creativity ๐Ÿ˜Š

Hope this inspires you in some way!

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Alcohol Ink Bookmarks

Being a bookworm, I love coming up with new ideas for bookmarks. These are two bookmarks I made using alcohol inks in bright, fun cheerful colors. They’re made with layers of heavy cardstock, stamped and punched images plus lots of interesting embellishments. I added charms to the tassels as a finishing touch. What do you think?

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Alcohol Ink Cards

As most of you know, I love color. Bright, fun happy colors. I’ve tried creating art with more subdued colors but they just make me sad, so inevitably I brighten them up. It’s stronger than me ๐Ÿ˜‚

On one of my explorations and adventures in color, I created a handful of birthday cards using alcohol inks and coffee filters. Thought they turned out pretty cool, looking like galaxies. I shared photos of them in different stages of the creation process below. Hope they inspire you to get a little crazy and have some fun with color. Have a magical weekendโœจ

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