Vibrant Art Journaling

Jodi Ohl recently hosted a Color Lovers Challenge that I participated in. I loved every moment, especially the challenging ones. But for Day 12 which was Vibrant, I used a canvas I was working on for the challenge and saved a place in my journal to come back to and finish at another time.

So this was the vibrant watercolor abstract painting I made in my journal. I added a quote by Zig Ziglar which pretty much summed up the challenge: “If it doesn’t CHALLENGE you, it won’t CHANGE you.”

Have a wonderful weekend!

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4 thoughts on “Vibrant Art Journaling

  1. I like that quote from Zig Ziglar. It’s so true. At the end of my career as a teacher I took a 3 month course to qualify to become a teacher librarian. It was the hardest thing I ever did but in the end I got my dream job (teaching library and art to the whole school) that rounded out the last five years of my career.

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