Abstract Art Paintings

I recently joined Jodi Ohl’s Abstract Interactive online course to further my knowledge of art. Painting abstracts takes me out of my comfort zone but Jodi is an excellent instructor and artist which makes it easier. This is a 10 week course with lots to learn so I’ll be posting a more paintings from the class.

I have to say I’ve been having a lot of fun playing with colors and learning to paint abstract art. The funny thing with abstract art is that everyone sees something completely different. These are my first three paintings I did on paper. What do you see?

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6 thoughts on “Abstract Art Paintings

  1. Beautiful work Maria. I love the colour combos. I see the ocean in each of them – maybe that’s just my default position in what I want to see. In the top one I see a boat and bubbles. In the other two I see land surrounded by water. Looking forward to seeing more works from your course.

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    • I never know where a painting is going until it’s finished and I’m always pleasantly surprised by this process. I find that planning makes the creativity feel like it’s forced instead of flowing freely which results in a “happy painting.” I like to start with a color scheme that’s in my mind and then intuitively start painting. I do use a lot of blues and greens because of my love for the ocean. So in that sense nature can inspire my color palette.


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