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Who doesn’t like a good cup of coffee? In the United States it’s the number 1 beverage we consume. On average, a person drinks 3 cups of coffee per day or 1,095 cups a year. That’s a lot of coffee! Most think that coffee is safe and somewhat healthy to drink. But there’s so much more you don’t know even know about. After you read this, you may not look at your morning cup of Joe the same way.

Coffee used to be grown in the shade where the plants thrived. However, because of it’s popularity it’s now grown for mass production and as a result it’s the most intensively sprayed crop in the world. The crops require large amounts of fertilizer, pesticide and fungicide which make coffee toxic for consumers and also those who work and live in areas where coffee is produced.

Endosulfan is a pesticide that’s commonly used to combat a coffee consuming bug called a cherry borer. This pesticide is toxic to most animals and can affect the central nervous system, kidneys, liver and reproductive organs. Plus it’ has even been responsible for human death. That in itself is scary but wait there’s more…

Triadimefon is a copper based fungicide that’s only slightly toxic to birds and little is known of the toxicity to humans. But it’s suspected it may cause reproductive problems and even hyperactivity.

Chlorpyrifos is yet another chemical that can be found in your morning coffee. This is a pesticide that affects the central nervous system, can cause birth defects and even in some cases has caused death in humans. The EPA has been working on getting this highly toxic chemical out of our food supply but some things still have it.

With every cup of coffee you drink, you’re ingesting these chemicals. So if you can’t start your day with a cup of coffee, opt for organic. It may not be completely free of chemicals but it is far better than conventionally grown coffee.

Hope this didn’t scare you too much but it should be an eye opener so you can make better decisions about your health.

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