Watercolor Bird Angel Journal Page

Creating these watercolor angels is simply magical! This is my latest angel that I created in my Strathmore 5.5″ x 8″ watercolor journal. Like my other angels I started by lightly sketching her and then painted her with bright fun watercolor paints. While the paints were wet, I added sea salt and let it dry, then brushed it off.

The next step was to add some doodles with my white Posca pen. I added more detailing and shading with watercolor paints and colored pencils and of course a little bling with Stickles.

I tried using gold leaf for the halo this time. It didn’t turn out the way I expected. Getting it into the small areas is hard but I like it much better than the gold gilding flakes I used in my last angel. It’s no where near as messy and easier to work with. But this is something I have to tweak a bit.

I hope she inspires you to create your own magical masterpiece. Thanks for stopping by!

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4 thoughts on “Watercolor Bird Angel Journal Page

    • Thank you so much! I use the journals as a practice run to experiment before I go bigger. Lately I’ve become fascinated with aceo trading cards. Some artists paint such intricate details on these small canvases and it amazes me. I can’t see that small anymore 😂


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