Simplest Things Journal

I’m really enjoying filling the pages of my Simplest Things Journal which I started as part of Amy Maricle’s Simplest Things Challenge at Mindful Art Studios.

I made the 3 inch square flower painting last week and wanted to find it a home. I was drawing a blank on what to do next in the journal and then I read a comment on Instagram by an admirer about the flower and butterfly:

“The little butterfly with the trail just makes it, I love how the daisy is reaching out for it.”

So I thought lots of swirly, crisscrossing butterfly trails would make the perfect background, and there simple too which fits with the theme of this journal. It was pure luck that the trail of the butterfly on the painting lined up with the trail in the background. I mean honestly, what are the odds? 😂

But it’s a happy colorful creation. What do you think?

Hope this inspires you to create some art!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

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“Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet.” ~Paul Klee

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