“Draw Yourself Calm” Artwork

Sometimes we all need an unwind and the concept in Amy Maricle’s book “Draw Yourself Calm,” the practice of slowing down has been very sound advice. We live in a fast paced world and this is an excellent practice to help you destress. I try to create one a day. It doesn’t always work out to that but I do end up with several a week.

I like using 140lb watercolor paper because it can stand up to just about anything especially wet mediums like paint and inks. I’ll start by cutting a 9×12″ piece of paper into several sizes: 2 and 3 inch squares, ATC size, 3×4 and anything else I’m in the mood for. That way I always have them on hand and ready for some creative fun. When the mood strikes me, I’ll use my Sakura Pens to create some pretty cool designs.

I’m filling up a small basket of these little gems. Some I plan to use in my journals while others I may incorporate into larger pieces of art. Either way, I have a nice selection to choose from. Plus I have the satisfaction of creating and completing a work of art even though it may be small😊

I hope this helps you to stay inspired and create some art!

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β€œArt is not what you see, but what you make others see.” ~Edgar Degas

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