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When I was a kid and the teacher would bring out the scissors, paper and glue I knew it was going to be an awesome day because we would create some type of art. Sometimes it’s fun to go back to the basics and cut out pictures and simply glue them in a journal.

I’m not a textile artist but I look in awe at the quilts others make. I came across these photos in Quilting Arts magazine and decided to make journal pages from them. These were images of quilts created and designed by Jean Impey. They were simply stunning!

I onced used a hand wipe to clean inks from my studio table and it looked pretty cool at the time so I kept the wipe and let dry so I could use it for my art. It ended up finding a home in my journal 😊 The leaves and the heart were made using the recycled wipe. I thought they went well with the images and background color.

Hope this quote and happy journal layout inspire you in way today.

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Believe in Magic – She Blooms in Ink

I finished another segment in the online course from β€œShe Blooms in Ink” taught by the very talented artist, Tamara Laporte atΒ

She’s painted in my Strathmore 11β€³ x 14β€³ Watercolor Journal. The quote reads “Magic is all around, you just have to Believe!”

This one was challenging because it was a limited palette, something that I don’t normally do. But I fell in love with her once she was done and hope you do too πŸ’–

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Grace Mixed Media Painting-She Blooms in Ink

I wanted to share a quick post with you today. I created this lovely girl in my Strathmore 11″
x 14″ Watercolor Journal. She is part of the “She Blooms in Ink” online course taught by a very talented artist, Tamara Laporte at

Since this is part of Tamara’s online class I can’t go into detail on how she was made but I can say it was loads of fun! I highly recommend Tamara’s course, it’s well worth it! I have a few more projects to do, so I’ll post them as I go.

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